Johnny Q Famous Hair Care Products in Huntington Beach, California

Hair International offers Johnny Q Hair Care Products available for you to buy. We keep a current stock of the hair care products, so no matter what you'll need we will have. To learn more about the different products, contact us today in Huntington Beach, California at (714) 965-2697.

Straight Shine

A non-chemical temporary straightener with thermal protection

Directions: After shampooing apply to damp hair. Massage glaze into palm of hands and spread evenly through hair from roots to end. Activate with heat from a blow dryer during styling process.

Texture Wax

Wax pomade to create wet textured look

Directions: Dip a finger in and work into damp hair dry hair a push it around. Rub in style or pull it through. Iridescent Mica for shine and a mess of other waxy ingredients offer maximum separation, texture and hold.

Sexy Butter

Elastic defining pomade

Directions: Do your thing with Sexy Butter, wet or dry.

Super Rock Gel

Super duper holding styling gel.

Directions: Apply to damp or dry hair and move fast and furious.